Update on Medway race

Contessa 26 Medway race, hosted by Hoo Ness Yacht Club, has been postponed to 17 July. It will be a race from Hoo to the Richard Montgomery wreck and back.

Further details from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Contessa 26 race on Medway

Just to let you know we are definitely planning to hold an "Invitation Race" for Contessa 26s at Hoo Ness YC on 23rd May. This will be a relatively low-key affair consisting of a 2 hour pursuit race from Chatham down the Medway to Stangate Creek where we will have a picnic lunch rafted up at anchor. The race will be shared with our club racing fleet and some multihulls. There is no entry fee and just a bottle wine for the winning Contessa 26. The the Notice of Race is below.

We used to have an active fleet of racing Contessa 26s and now have 3 in the club (Simona, Dulali and Birgitta) but we are aware of several others based on the Medway: Contessa of Mell, Kazbek, Misty, Kintyre and others. I will attempt to contact the owners directly or though the Medway Yachting Association. Several nostalgic former Co26 owners in our club have also volunteered to help.

Seat with a view

The Contessa 26 is known not only for its excellent sailing qualities but also for its cramped accommodation. Yet the aft deck forms a significant area of unused space. The long tiller sweeps over the lazarette hatch preventing the area being used for stowage.  I have seen various designs of pushpit, some with a teak seat incorporated.